SAT: Direction from Support Counselors: Wisdom 8

SAT: Direction from Support Counselors: Wisdom 8

Sarah Newlin, Testive’s Advice Counselor Outreach Consultant, explores how support counselors usually are preparing for the brand new SAT and advice they shall be giving fathers and mothers and young people.

Therefore what are assistance counselors saying to their scholars about the DIFFERENT SAT? Actually, not all a lot just yet. Many are still figuring out for themselves exactly what changes mean for the test out content and quite a few don’t like to pile unneeded stress onto students and fogeys. After all, the school Board continues custom essays online to in the process for releasing information about the new analyze to the open public.

That said, a good number of counselors find a way to fall into a couple of camps the advice these are giving:

Camp a single: Focus on the ACT

The theory driving this position is that the ACT is really a pretty stable test for quite a while. This equals more general population knowledge about the test and the option of more good quality practice items. In short, test-takers and those who else help them be prepared for the ACT tests, may better anticipate what the REACT will be enjoy on analyze day.

Opposed to this, the College Enter will only get limited ‘official’ practice substance available and in many cases that will not become as vetted as latest SAT process material including Blue Arrange. Until a handful of administrations belonging to the new experiment have transferred and virtually any kinks are actually worked out, the exam content will simply be a bit unknown and even unknowable. Read More